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  • Presentation and goals


Everyday life is the space in which every action, every behaviour or attitude we take reveal the relationships we have established with others and nature in order to satisfy our needs in a concrete historical moment.

But behind this apparent normality everyday life conceals a sphere full of invisible conflicts and unease which we usually do not pursue any further than their surface effects. Only a critical attitude toward this "normality" may reveal the clues necessary in order to fully understand the genesis of this space called everyday life, where the social processes of our society melt together on a macro and micro level and become concrete, and in which we simultaneously are produced by and are producers of our environment. For this, Everyday Life and Peace is an ideal field of multidisciplinary intervention and investigation in order to work for a profound social transformation and towards a Culture of Peace.


  • To intervene and act on the normalized reality of our environment by community intervention programmes which allow us to decode everyday conflicts in their social and historic dimensions and which yield the necessary criteria and elements to undertake their transformation.
  • To recover the group as a space for reflection and thinking and as a privileged space in which to effect transformation.
  • To strengthen the social fabric and recover the capacity for new institutions in the community.