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Peace Research Centre

Gernika Gogoratuz (Recordando Gernika), is a Peace Research Centre that was created in 1987 coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika. Gernika Gogoratuz develops its activities within the framework of Memory and Culture of Peace.

The Peace Research Centre is supported by the Gernika Gogoratuz Foundation. Its main purpose is "to contribute, with contributions generated or supported by scientific reflection, and linked to the town and / or symbol of Gernika, to the achievement of a just and emancipatory peace worldwide and in the Basque Country, in particular, and thus comply with the non-legislative proposal approved by the Basque Parliament on April 10, 1987 to establish a Centre for Peace Studies in Gernika".

Gernika Gogoratuz develops its work in the fields of research, training, and community work through its main working areas: Peace Simbology and Everyday Life and Peace.

The Centre has a specialized library, a newspaper library and archive that contains a documentary collection with 8807 automated registerss. A library with 4077 monographs, 208 didactic units and 336 audiovisual teaching resources.

It is in charge of the editorial Red Gernika under which 13 monographic works and 17 work documents have been published. In the framework of other editions of bibliographic collections and audiovisual productions, a total of 25 monographic works and audiovisual material have been edited.