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Venues of victims // Venues of perpetrators

During 2018, DOCUMENTA Center for dealing with the past, Stiftung Europäische Jugendbildungs- und Jugendbegegnungsstätte Weimar (EJBW) and their partners implemented the projectVenues of victims // Venues of perpetrators. Mapping, decoding & processing the role of historical – civic education in (European) Youth Worksuccessfully .

The project focused on the influences of historic-civic education on today’s teachings of human rights. The programme´s goals were to promote competences of young participants in the field of historic-civic education as well as introducing them to the methods of non-formal or civic education.

Due to the programme´s success a second edition is planned with the title “Developmental dictatorships in Europe after the World War II as a topic of civic education” and will take place in 2020/21.

Venues of victims // Venues of perpetrators

Developmental dictatorships in Europe after the World War II as a topic of civic education.

2nd Edición 2020

The preparations for the 2nd edition of this project have started. This time focusing on dictatorships after 1945 (Socialist state in Eastern Europe, Francoist dictatorship in Spain, etc.)

Learning about the different forms of authoritarian governments in Europe´s post-war period, the participants will acquire the skills necessary to critically address today´s propagandistic rhetoric which is campaigning for the return of “the good old times”.

This way, participants will learn how to critically evaluate modern dictatorships by focusing on following key parts: political violence, propaganda and the continuous mobilisation of ideologies. Furthermore they will be introduced to civic-rights movements in their exhausting fight for a pluralist democracy and human rights.


  • Opening seminar in Weimar, Germany – anticipated for fall 2020.
  • Training course (location undecided) – anticipated for spring 2021.
  • Assembly for further planning and summer camp (Croatia) – anticipated for summer 2021.
  • Closing event (location undecided) – anticipated for autumn 2021.
vebues of victims / venues of perpetrators

Mapping, decoding & processing the role of historical – civic education in (European) Youth Work.

1st Edición 2018

The project “Mapping, decoding & processing the role of historical – civic education in (European) Youth Work” aimed to address the difficulties and challenges of teaching the subject of human rights and the framework of democratic citizenships and also to allow teachers from different parts of Europe to exchange experiences and offer the possibilities for future cooperation.

In order to achieve these ambitions the participants were invited to various international reunions all over Europe with the goal to broaden the skills and the horizon of these young educators.

The organizers hope to have been able to contribute to the building of sustainable co-operations between the different institutions of political, historic and civil education (Places of remembrance, Investigation centers, Educational Institutions and other facilities of youth education).

Past activities:

  • Opening seminar in Weimar, Germany (13th-17th April 2018)
  • Training course in Poznan, Poland (14th-20th May 2018)
  • Reunion for further planning in Rijeka, Croatia (2nd-4th July 2018)Summercamp, Croatia (19th August – 2nd September 2018)

For further information see the interview with Kristina Bilbao, Xabier Oyanguren y Maitane Uriarte, the young adults visited former war spots of importance like Zagreb, Jasenovac, Pula, Vukovar and Opatija.

  • Final Conference in Gernika, Spain (5th-9th November 2018)