Gernika. City of Peace in the 21st century

The formative program “Gernika City of Peace in the 21st Century” is aimed to the higher cycles of ESO, Bachillerato and other educational centers of the Basque Country. The program includes an itinerary through the village that will conclude in a workshop related to history and solidarity as pedagogy of peace.


The objective of this program is to take the viewpoint of human rights, to set it into local and global dimensions and through this viepoint to reflect on peace in a place of remembrance. Also to dig deeper into the topic of democracy, we will analyze the ways of providing historical remembrance and how they contribute to a peaceful coexistence.


The program builds upon three questions related to the agenda of peace of the XXI century.

Gernika evokes, convokes, provokes.

Evokes: A memory. Why are we here?

Convokes: A purpose. Why are we here?

Provokes: A reflection for action. What can we do?


Remembrance and Peace

Workshop: Why remembering?
Gernika, 26th of April 1937 in the context of de Spanish Civil War.

War and Peace

Workshop: Gernika and the other Gernikas.
Forced displacement through war, violence and misery.

Democracy and Peace

Workshop: GizArte
Rights and duties to strengthen democracy and liberty.

Art and Peace

Workshop: Rediscovering Gernika in times of war.
Creating art as a form of peace education.

Conflict and Peace

Workshop: Transformation of conflict, nonviolent and creative action.


9:00-11:00h. Come together for a walk through Gernika where participants will visit points of historical interest and signature places of the village. (Casa de Juntas, the Tree of Gernika, Replication of Picasso´s Gernika, etc…)
11:00-11:30h. Break
11:30-14:00h. Workshops in Astra (Social space for cultural creation).
14:00h. Closure


The workshops will be of a participatory manner and will invite for further group reflection.


Basque and Spanish.


The program takes place every Tuesday and Thursday in the morning Group sizes will be about 25 people max.


The program is sponsored by the Secretaria General de Derechos Humanos, Convivencia y Cooperación del Gobierno Vasco, so that the program is free of charge apart from the transport costs.


Aware of the current difficulties by the pandemic, we want to encourage educational centers to get in touch to study a possible visit to Gernika. We are working to be able to offer telematic modalities of this program.

Andreas Schäfter.  Educational programs coordinator.
Gernika Gogoratuz. Peace Research Centre. Fundación Gernika Gogoratuz. Artekalea 1-1º 48300 Gernika-Lumo (Bizkaia).
Telephone: 94 625 35 58.

We recommend visiting the Gernika Peace Museum in the evening. The museum provides guided tours of approximately one hour duration.

Information and reservation:, or via E-mail, or telephone 94 627 02 13.