Education for peace

Training courses are offered to schoolchildren, cultural and social associations with the aim of vindicating memory and art as a pedagogy of peace.

gernika gogoratuz Venues

Venues of victims // Venues of perpetrators

 2018 – Mapping, decoding & processing the role of historical – civic education in (European) Youth Work.

2020 – Developmental dictatorships in Europe after the World War II as a topic of civic education.

It is a European project that wants to analyze the challenge of transmitting memory and history to young Europeans in the non-formal educational field. Its objectives are to share knowledge, facilitate the exchange of experiences and promote a citizenship aware of the value of democracy and human rights.

gernika gogoratuz que hacemos ciudad paz

Gernika City of Peace in the 21st Century

It is a training program aimed at students (3rd and 4th of ESO and Bachillerato) of schools in the Basque Country. Its objective is to reflect on war and peace, from a human rights approach, based on a historical reminder of the bombing of Gernika to deepen democratic coexistence.