Coreguaje de Oro Award

El coreguaje de oro

On behalf of the people of Caquetá, the Governor of the Department of Caquetá granted and delivered the “Coreguaje de Oro” award to the Gernika Gogoratuz Peace Research Center, for its contribution to peace and the improvement of the quality of life of the people of Caquetá.

He delivered the customary document to Ms. María Oianguren Idigoras, the legal representative of the institution, in a special ceremony that took place in the office of the Governor’s Office on Monday 5th December 2005.

A copy of the decree was sent to the following: the Basque Parliament, the Basque Government, the Gernika-Lumo town council, the Biscay Provincial Council, the Gernika Gogoratuz Foundation, The Gernika Gogoratuz Association and the University of Amazonia.