April 25-27


XXXII Jornadas de Cultura y Paz. Gernika-Lumo

Organised by Gernika Gogoratuz in collaboration with the town hall of Gernika-Lumo, the Faculty of Law, Europagune, Ehugune, Hegoa University Institute and ehuGune UPV-EHU (Public University of the Basque Country).
In the framework of the 85th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika, April 26th 1937.

The current global context of an ecosystemic crisis, forced displacements, Human Rights Violations, growing militarization and a nuclear threat and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, opens a new geopolitical era. The pacifist and feminist perspectives advocate for intesifying dialogue, diplomatic solutions and cooperation in order to maintain large-scale security policies and to promote ecosocial alternatives that can contribute to the construction of peaceful and inclusive societies.

Geopolitics of Peace


April 25

Elai Alai Aretoa. Gernika-Lumo.

Exhibition “100 years of pacifist feminism” WILPF

16:00 – 16:30h. Opening with Laura Alonso, President of WILPF Spain.

Kulturetxea of Gernika-Lumo

Conference: Geopolitics of Peace

· Geopolitical change and the objective 16 “Peace, Justice and solid institutions” in the 2030 agenda, Manuela Mesa, director of CEIPAZ. Cultura de paz foundation, Vice President of WILPF Spain.
· Proposal for a disarmament and an economy to make peace, Tica Font, founder of the Centre d’Estudis per la Pau J.M. Delàs and member of the board of directors of WILPF Spain.

Hosted by María Oianguren, Director of Gernika Gogoratuz.

Feminist Geopolitics

18:30 – 20:0h.
· Challenges of feminist pacifism against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Camen Magallón. Honorary President of WILPF Spain.
· From Gernika to Sarajevo, Petra Kelly and a summit of feminists for peace. Heidi Meinzolt, International President of WILPF Europe.
· Integrated approach of security and peace construction, Joy Onyesoh. President of WILPF and WILPF Nigeria.

Hosted by Iratxe Momoitio, Director of Gernika Peace Museum


The session in Gernika-Lumo will be semi-attendance and will be broadcast via YOUTUBE.
To attend in person, entrance is free until full capacity is reached. It is necessary to send the registration form.

April 26

Conmemorative acts of the 85th aniversary of the Bombing of Gernika

Lizeo Antzokia of Gernika-Lumo

“Peace and Reconciliation Gernika Awards” 2020 and 2022

Awards ceremony
· International Brigades for Peace.
· International project “Kids Guernica”.
· WILPF Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.
· Caretakers of the Residencia Calzada in Gernika.

“4 minutu ekimena” Ringing of bells and ringing of siren.

Funeral prayer and floral tribute for the victims of the bombing of Gernika. Zallo cemetery.

Graduate Room. Faculty of Law of the UPV/EHU Campus Ibaeta. Donostia – San Sebastian

Conversations about the European Union

The European Union seems to be leaving behind its liberal idealistic values, which placed the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations commitments to Peace, Democracy and Human Rights as one of the pillars of its foreign policy and action, in favour of initiatives increasingly inspired by political realism and the defence of the interests of the Union and its Member States.This edition of the EUROPAGUNE, EHUGUNE and GERNIKA GOGORATUZ Days will address the recent geopolitical changes and the role of the European Union in the war in Ukraine, and in relations with the African continent.

15:30 – 19:30h.
Geopolitics and relations EU-Africa. Migrations and conflicts.

· Documentary TOMBES DE SORRA “TUMBAS DE ARENA” and colloquium with Hibai Arbide. Journalist. Muzungu productions.
· Peacebuilding and Human Rights. Feminist reflections on the crisis of EU migration policies in Africa. Itziar Ruiz-Giménez. Professor of GEA and of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
· War and peace building in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. The role of the European Union. Teresa Cunha. Researcher CES. Universidad de Coímbra.

Dialogues: Jokin Alberdi, UPV/EHU and Gernika Gogoratuz.

April 27

Graduate Room. Faculty of Law of the UPV/EHU Campus Ibaeta. Donostia – San Sebastian

Conversations about the European Union


10:30 – 14:00h.
Geopolitics. European Union and the War of Ukraine

· Ukraine, a conflict that is more complex than it seems to be. Hibai Arbide. Journalist. Muzungu Productions.
· Nonviolent action and resistance of European societies to war in Ukraine. Ana Villellas. Researcher of a Escola Cultura de Pau, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
· Gender, Peace and Security, Maria Villelas, Researcher of la Escola Cultura de Pau, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and Vice President of WILPF Spain.

Hosted by: María Oianguren, Gernika Gogoratuz.

Graduate Room.  Faculty of Economic Science and Business UPV/EHU. HEGOA Zubiria Etxea. Campus Sarriko. Bilbao

Critical visions of humanitarian action and peace-building in Cabo Delgado (Mozambique)

The cycle of the “XXXII International Days of Culture and Peace of Gernika” will end with a session open to the public, at the Faculty of Economics and Business of Sarriko in Bilbao, organized in collaboration with the Master of Globalization and Development of the HEGOA Institute, UPV/EHU. The seminar will critically address the humanitarian and military response that is taking place in the War of Cabo Delgado, and will discuss proposals for other approaches around the development and peace of this Mozambican territory.

18:00 – 20:00h.
· Feminist contributions to the decolonization of humanitarian responses and Peace-Building in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. Teresa Cunha. Researcher CES- Universidad de Coímbra.
· For committed solidarity and values: other forms of cooperation in Northern Mozambique, Beñat Arzadun. Aid worker of Mundukide Foundation in Mozambique.

Hosted by: Eduardo Bidaurratzaga, Hegoa-UPV/EHU



Departamento de igualdad, justicia y políticas sociales

In collaboration with

gernikatik mundura
kulturetxea gernika-lumo
Museo de la Paz de Gernika
Location: Gernika-Lumo / San Sebastian / Bilbao
Date: 25 April, 2022
Duration: 3 Days
Date: April 25-27