The text of this issue is composed of several articles related to peace education, which is at the core of the Gernika Gogoratuz research project. The author is Riitta Wahlström, a psychologist and professor at the Department of Education at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and a member of the IPRA Board. Riitta is a specialist in peace education and has conducted research in pre-schools and is leading a three-year research project in a primary school on the results of peace education in the Finnish pre-schools and primary schools, which will lead to the development of a model for widespread application in the Finnish pre-school and primary school system.

In Spanish from page 47 onwards.



  • Foreword
  • Educating pre-school children to share responsibility and peace
  • Conversations on Peace Education
  • Question and Answer on Peace Education National Liberation
  • A Commentary on Nationalism
  • The Image of the Enemy


Riitta Wahlström
Original title: The enemy image
From: Essays on violence
Edited by: J. Martín Ramírez, Robert A. Hinde and Jo Groebel
University of Seville Publications, 1987


October 1993


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