“Urdabai: Balance of Life” (Urdaibai: oreka bizian)

“Urdabai: Balance of Life” (Urdaibai: oreka bizian)

“Urdaibai: Oreka Bizian” (“Urdabai: Balance of Life”) presents a sample of initiatives of local development in the region of Urdaibai, Biosphere Reserve like Arkibai (Collective Architectures), Jangurie (initiative of the school canteens of Urdaibai) and Kolore Guztietako Basoak (Forest of all colors). Alternatives,  promoted by the civil society against megaprojects of private interests.

Produced by FMK Media.

Duration: 29 minutes

Language: Basque with spanish subtitles.


November 2019


Audiovisuals, Territories in Conflict