¡Abajo las armas! ¿Dónde está el pacifismo? 32 miradas incómodas


María Oianguren Idigoras, director of Gernika Gogoratuz, participates in this collective work of profound reflection at this time of urgency, one year after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The essay brings together 32 of the most solvent international voices, experts in conflict analysis and resolution.

In addition to María Oianguren Idigoras, it also includes voices such as those of David Adams, Ingeborg Breines, Ana Barrero, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Carmen Magallón, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Tica Font and Pere Ortega, among others.

According to Manuel Dios Diz, the publication’s coordinator: These are 32 prestigious perspectives, all of them more or less uncomfortable, in times in which publicly expressing disagreement, opting for peace and understanding, for dialogue and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, is not well regarded, is not fashionable or, what is much worse, means living with the stigma of “goody-goody”, “accomplice” or even “traitor” on one’s back.

¡Abajo las armas! ¿Donde está el pacifism0? is published by the Galician publishing house Alvarellos Editora in collaboration with the Fundación Cultura de Paz, chaired by Federico Mayor Zaragoza. The former director general of UNESCO states in the prologue: “May the generations that come after us not accuse us of silence when our voice was so urgent”. Standing in peace, indefatigable in resistance, in favour of authentic democracy. May they never be able to say to us: “We were waiting for your voice… and it did not come”. Crime of silence.

Date: 28 June
Time: 19:00h
Place: La buena vida bookshop in Madrid