Día de Acción Mundial Alto el fuego YA


Gernika Gogoratuz joins the Global Action Day on December 18th that aims to make the international call visible to political leaders so that they put pressure in favor of an immediate ceasefire among Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territory in order to protect all the civilians affected by the conflict.

Only a sustained ceasefire can stop the loss of more civilian lives and guarantee that sufficient aid reaches those in need. A global call is needed: this action day is for all those that ask for a ceasefire to be joined and to show the strength and power of our global collective voice.

More than 2 million people are asking for a #CeasefireNOW

  • More than 2.057.109 global petition signatures: | Avaaz | Amnesty International

  • More than 800 worldwide organizations, including humanitarian and human rights allies.

  • A coalition of health workers, grassroots organizations, climate activists, religious leaders, journalists, movements, academics, law professionals and artists.

  • Spokespersons: personalities and world leaders

Share images/videos of your action and of any other media coverage using #AltoElFuegoYA and tag or send a direct message to CeasefireNOW Instagram account @nowceasefire