Guía ecosocial


On Friday, March 22, the “Guide to Ecosocial Literacy: Peace, Decline and Sustainability for the Postfossilistic World” will be presented at the Gernika-Lumo Cultural Center. This guide addresses the environmental crisis from a comprehensive perspective, proposing tools for understanding and creating fair alternatives.

The presentation will be in charge of Jesús Pinto and Adrián Santamaría, of the Research Group on Ecological Humanities of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM-GHECO). Maria Oianguren, the director of the Peace Research Center, Gernika Gogoratuz, will be the moderator.

The purpose of the guide is to make available concepts such as ecological footprint, critical materials, energy dependence and decline, as well as to promote values and attitudes that promote ecosocial awareness. It is a tool aimed at the general public to promote understanding of the present and the cooperation necessary to design a future compatible with a dignified and ecosocially sustainable life.

Round table

Jesus Pinto, graduate of Philosophy and member of SPEAK4NATURE and POSTORY projects. Its interests and lines of research include studies on the political philosophy of violence, the memory, the Civil War and contemporary Spanish thinking, research on technique, interdependence and ecommenality, and other problems related to the context of the ecosocial crisis.

Adrián Santamaría is a pre-doctoral researcher at the Department of Philosophy of the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has taught in Philosophy Degree in Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy and Human Nature and History of Modern Philosophy. His current research tries to think about the collaborative and interdependent nature of writing and reading.

Maria Oianguren, director of the Gernika Gogoratuz Peace Research Center. Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association for Peace Studies. AIPAZ; Eurobasque. Basque Council of the European Movement, Gernika to the World. NGOs(non-governmental organizations) and the Cooperation Council of the Board of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.