Gernika Gogoratuz se adhiere a la campaña euskaraldia 2020


Gernika Gogoratuz joins the campaign Euskaraldia 2020, which takes place from the 20th of November until the 4th of December, as an effort to change the habits of Euskera-speakers.
This year participants can join as individuals (through the roles of “Ahobizi” and “Bellariprest”), or as a group through the so called Arigune. The translation of Arigune equals a “place to practice”. These chosen spaces guarantee the continuous possibility of having conversations in Euskera. These spaces can be physical places (barne ariguneak) as well as figurative places like interactions of authorities with citizens (kanpo ariguneak).

Participants of these groups also join as Ahobizi or Belarriprest, with the difference that the exercise is conducted in a group setting.

Euskaraldia is a social exercise that extends to all groups of society and is limited to a certain period of time. The goal is to increase the usage of Euskera though a change in linguistic habits of the general public.