ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2022

Premio ICIP 2022

The ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2022 goes to the Basque Country’s associative network for peace.

The winners include the now-dissolved “Coordinadora Gesto por la Paz” and Elkarri/ Lokarri, as well as the still-active Permanent Social Forum and many others which collaboratively contribute peace education through the Forum of Associations for Peace and Human Rights Education, in which Gernika Gogoratuz, Baketik and Bakeola play a prominent role.

The award also honours the Gernika Peace Museum Foundation, the Foro Ciudadano Donostia, UnescoEtxea, the Fernando Buesa Foundation, Emagune, the Ahotsak Women’s Network, Eskubidez, the dialogue initiatives led by victims, such as the Citizens-Memory Lab Meetings or the Restorative Encounters between prisoners and victims of ETA, and the BatzART! initiative.

Since 2011, the International Catalan Institute for Peace presents the ICIP Peace in Progress Award in honour and celebration of the prominent people, organisations and institutions which have worked towards and contributed to sustainable peacebuilding and promoting peace.