XIV Francisco Javier de Landaburu Universitas Europe research Award 2015 to Jokin Alberdi Bidaguren

Premio Eurobask Universitas 2015

Reaffirming its commitment to the European social model, the construction of a cohesive social Europe and the promotion of a plural, critical and open debate on European issues, and taking into account that the United Nations dedicated 2015 to the Millennium Development Goals, EUROBASK announced the Francisco Javier de Landaburu Universitas 2015 Research Prize on European issues under the following topic: Beyond 2015: the EU facing the new MDGs. Democratic, socio-economic, educational, security, energy, health, agricultural and environmental challenges

to Jokin Alberdi Bidaguren for the work

“Post-2015 European Solidarity under debate: Is an alternative agenda for the European Union’s development and international cooperation policies possible?

President of Gernika Gogoratuz Association. PhD in Political Science from the EHU / UPV and professor of Constitutional Law and European Union´s Law at the same university. Responsible for the international research project “Territories in conflict: Research, training and action for the strengthening of capacities and the construction of life alternatives”, Cabo Delgado (Mozambique), Tolima (Colombia) and Urdaibai (Euskal Herria). He is a member of the Research Group of HEGOA (UPV / EHU) and collaborates with the African Studies Group of Madrid´s Autonomous University.